Having observed that

  • The United States has already placed its armed forces in a state of readiness to launch a deadly air strike on Iran;
  • It is expected that the U.S. would use its "bunker-busters," which use radioactive depleted uranium to penetrate deep into the ground to destroy underground installations – implying that this war on Iran would cause even greater destruction than the war in Iraq;
  • Waging war on Iran is being justified by the propaganda that Iran is clandestinely developing nuclear weapons and that this poses the greatest threat to humanity;
  • This propaganda about the alleged threat posed by Iran is exactly similar to the Anglo-American claims about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that were used to justify the war on Iraq, which claims were exposed as outright lies;
  • Iran has no track record of having aggressed on any other nation but has in fact been the victim and target of US sanctions, interventions and pressures of all kinds, ever since the Iranian people overthrew the US puppet Shah;
  • The United States is the one that has the most deadly nuclear arsenal as well as other weapons of mass destruction, an over 60 year-long track record of using such weapons to attack nations and peoples all over the globe, and is currently on an aggressive drive for world hegemony;
  • No punishment has ever been given to the United States, the only country to have used nuclear weapons against another country;
  • The same powers that are bringing Iran before the United Nations Security Council are those which have repeatedly violated the sovereignty and security of other countries and peoples;
  • The Manmohan Singh Government, by entering into a strategic alliance with the US and adopting the view that a nuclear Iran is against India’s national interest, is becoming a party to the illegitimate and unjust US war against Iran; whereas
  • All the facts show that the biggest threat to the people of India, the peoples of Asia and to world peace comes from the United States and not from Iran or any other government;

We, the undersigned who have gathered here at the India International Centre Annexe on 19 th March, 2006, at a public consultation organised by Lok Raj Sangathan,


  • To join hands with the international movement to prevent a US war against Iran;
  • To demand that no punitive measures should be imposed on Iran by the UN Security Council; and
  • To mobilise public opinion within our country and within the Parliament that the Government of India must not extend support of any kind, but on the contrary act decisively to prevent a US war against Iran.

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