1st, 2nd and 3rd March 2006

Students’ Islamic Organization of India proposes to declare a united and joint declaration against proposed visit of the US President Mr. George W. Bush. As SIO along with other organisations regarding Mr.Bush’s unlimited crimes of abusing human rights, war waging, massacres, breaking environmental and nuclear treaties and interference with the security and sovereignty of free and independent nations.

America has brutally destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti in recent times, and Vietnam, Kampuchea, Korea and Greece earlier, and is issuing threats to Iran, North Korea, and other countries. The US has an extremely long and terrible track record of crimes against humanity. It flaunts the biggest nuclear, chemical, biological as well as conventional weapons arsenal, with which it can destroy the world many times over, and then shamelessly demands that all other countries obey its dictate simply because it is the world’s leading imperial power. US imperialism’s current strategy is to economically, politically and militarily encircle and dominate Asia, take control of its vast energy resources, and strangle all the Asian countries one by one, by setting them against each other. As part of this grand game the US is working to forge a "strategic alliance" with India in the economic, political and military spheres. Mr. Bush’s visit to India is regarded as the next step to firm up this alliance.

We the students’ community is opposed to this strategic alliance with US imperialism.

We are with American people, but not with Mr. Bush :

We the students of India share love and warm relations with American people and we are pleased that thousands of Americans are with us against Bush administration which has brought death and destruction to the world. We, hereby, declare that we have deep regards to the peace loving people of America who are the victims of Mr. Bush’s pattern and practice of denial and suppression of the justice and truth. We express our solidarity with the American people against policies of Bush administration with hundreds and corers of people of Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US who through their mass protests have shown that they are against this imperialist world order and are fighting for a world without imperialism and war, a world where peoples and countries will live in peace and fraternity.

Wars of Aggression, no one is secure:

The evidences are overwhelming that the Bush Administration authorised and is conducting a war of aggression against innocent people of Iraq and Afghanistan . Massacres of hundreds and thousands of Iraqis by the Bush administration are a dark chapter of human history. This is a stark violation of international law, including The Nuremberg Principles, Geneva Conventions of 1949, the United Nations Charter, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In doing so, the Bush Administration has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. A criminal of this rank should never be welcomed on Indian soil. Already, voices have risen in Pakistan against Bush’s proposed visit to Pakistan , following the bombing of Pakistan by the US . All across India , political parties, trade unions, peasant and women’s organisations, writers, film personalities and legal luminaries have demanded that the government of India revoke its invitation to Mr. Bush. At stake are the very futures of India and the other countries of this region, the cause of peace and sovereignty. In the prevailing discontent welcoming Mr. Bush to India is indeed regrettable.

Defending the sovereignty of the nation:

The Indo-US nuclear deal signed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Mr.George W Bush termed as ‘strategic-partnership’ as spelt out in the deal, entails India’s participation in what the US advertises as its anti-proliferation initiative. This may well turn India, as an allegedly anti-terror associate of the US, into an ally in implementing what has been called a policy of "nuclear apartheid."

Moreover, The Bush Administration may have recognized India as a responsible state with advanced nuclear technology but it is far from recognizing India as a legitimate and responsible nuclear-weapon state. There should be indeed national debate on the deal which has been signed without transparency and accountability.

Call to principled foreign policy:

The Bush administration is preparing to impose war against yet another country, Iran. It has been proved again and again that Mr. Bush has lied to the world that Iraq had WMD. And now again he is mounting pressure on the nations of the world is trying to make convince the public both at home and world at large, its ill-conceived notion that Iran has dangerous nuclear weapons and it should be stopped from even harnessing civilian nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Iran has continued its all nuclear activities in close watch of IAEA and other international agencies. Iran has been assuring the world that its all nuclear activities are to fulfill civilian needs and electricity not for nuclear weapons or destruction, unlike Bush administration. Iran is a NPT signatory so it is the responsibility of IAEA to make Iran abide by its laws, The Bush administration has no right to interfere with the issues of a sovereign and responsible world body like IAEA In fact the Bush administration has no interest in a non-nuclear world, which is evident by the way it has ruthlessly and aggressively harnessed and developed the nuclear arsenal. It aims to achieve its secret ends of domination over the oil resources in Middle East and else where.

Global Warming:

Grave negligence towards global atmosphere and increasing climate deterioration shown by Bush administration is a testimony of their egotism. In spite of being the biggest Carbon di Oxide emitter in the world, the USA has pulled itself out of the Kyoto protocol. Thus the treaty suffered a massive disheartening blow in 2001 when the US , responsible for about quarter of the world’s emissions, pulled out.

The Bush administration has shamelessly justified the act saying that implementing it would gravely damage the US economy. By his act Mr. Bush has turned the whole treaty virtually obsolete. The developing countries including India contribute least to climate change but will quite likely suffer most from its effects. The failure of the protocol will be a disaster for the entire mankind and its coming generations.

This shows that the Bush Administration has committed crimes against humanity by its environmental policies and practices also. These policies and practices support only the corporate interests, while denying the overwhelming evidence that Greenhouse Gas emissions are irreversibly damaging the world environment and causing injury and incurable diseases to the people throughout the world.

DEMANDS from US Government:

  • Close down all the illegal jails and prisons. Guantanamo bay, Abu Guraib and other jails has become American Gulags.
  • Put Mr.Bush on trial, because he has lied over and over to the international community that Iraq has W.M.D. But it is clear that Bush misled the world community, leaders and nations and gained forced to join his so-called alliance against terrorism.
  • There should be a national debate on the nuclear pact with the US Government. Indian people must be informed about all the details of the contract. They should be taken in confidence on the deal. We would never accept a deal that is struck at the cost of our security and sovereignty.
  • America should withdraw all its 3 lakh forces in 80 countries across the globe. From Iraq , Middle East and Afghanistan , to Central Asia on the one hand .From Asia to Africa and South America on the other.
  • America should change its hostile policy against innocent people of Palestine and should respect the democratic rights of Palestinians.

DEMANDS from UPA Government:

  • UPA government’s decisions on external affairs are the subject of deep concern. Our foreign policy must be free, fair and independent
  • UPA government must abide by the old NAM track of our foreign policy that was designed as a free and sovereign nation.
  • David Mulford has in his recent statement asked Indian government to vote against Iran . He must be sent back to USA his presence in India is a curse on our independence. He acts like a viceroy rather an envoy of a friendly country.
  • Nuclear pact with America should be transparent and Indian people must be informed about all the details of the contracts. They should be taken in confidence on the deal. We would never accept the deal that is made at the cost of our security and sovereignty.
  • India should not vote against Iran in next 6th march meeting of IAEA. Being part of non aligned movement, it has been our tradition and is our responsibility to protect the weaker nations of the world from the imperialist aggression.

Expected signatories:

  • SIO of India
  • AISA
  • AISF
  • CLJ
  • SFI
  • Chhatra Sabha
  • Jamia Students Forum
  • Jamiat Shababil Islam
  • GIO of India
  • Tanzeem Talaba Arabiya
  • SSF
  • Students Union of JMI
  • Students Union of AMU
  • Sunni Youth Forum
  • Madarsa Students Union WB
  • INSO
  • Chhatra Yuvajan Sabha
  • Just Media
  • Millat Bedari Committee
  • Resistance Forum Aligarh

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