The All India Council of Lok Raj Sangathan held its meeting on January 21 2006 in Mumbai. The meeting was chaired by Justice Hosbet Suresh and attended by Vice President’s justice SM Daud and Prof Daleep Singh. The Council drafted a unanimous letter to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Manmohan Singh, calling upon him to immediately withdraw the invitation for US President George W Bush to come to India.

The text of the letter to the Prime Minister is as follows:

January 21, 2006


Honourable Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh


We in Lok Raj Sangathan have come to learn that your Government has decided to welcome US President George W. Bush to India . We strongly feel that this is completely against the traditions of the Indian people, namely, to work for establishing peace and harmony in this subcontinent. George W Bush represents the most vicious and war-mongering interest of US imperialism and has been responsible for the most heinous terrorist attacks on innocent people of the world including in Asia . Hence welcoming him will only endanger peace in South Asia . People of India consider him as the biggest terrorist in the world. Hence you, who profess to be against terrorism and a champion of peace, must respect the opinion of Indian people and withdraw your invitation to Mr. George W. Bush.

We also call upon you to take necessary steps to immediately call off all common military exercises and the proposed nuclear cooperation with the Government of the United States , since close ties with US Imperialism will surely hurt the people of India and South Asia . This has been proven by the experience of every country in the past who has embraced US imperialism.

Yours faithfully,



(Prakash Rao, Convenor)

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