On the occasion of the Second Anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq:

Step up the world-wide struggle to get the
Anglo-American occupation forces out of Iraq!
Full freedom to the Iraqi people!

Two years ago, in defiance of the opinion of the people’s of the world and disregarding the vociferous protests in their own countries, the Anglo – American coalition aggressed upon Iraq. This invasion was one of the most blatant violation of a country’s sovereignty in recent times.

The imperialists justified their aggression and occupation of Iraq on the ground that Iraq possessed dangerous weapons and constituted a threat to world peace. No weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq after two years of search. It has became abundantly clear that the aggression was for control of Iraq’s oil and resources, for superprofits from contracts for ‘reconstruction’, and for furthering the strategic interests of the US and its allies in Asia and Europe.

The Iraqi people have refused to give the occupation forces as well as those who collaborate with them a moment of peace. The resistance struggle of the Iraqi people has taken diverse forms, including armed resistance. The propaganda of the US imperialists that they would be welcomed with flowers as liberators has been exposed as a farce a thousand times over by the courageous struggle of the women, men and children of Iraq. Two years later, the resistance of the Iraqi people to the continued violation of their sovereignty remains as staunch as ever.

Braving the military might of one of the most ferocious powers known to man, the valiant Iraqi patriots continue to combat their foes using all means at their disposal. Their spirit and unity has not be broken even with the most blatant communalisation of the polity which was attempted by the Anglo – American imperialists. While the occupiers have attempted to install puppet governments and quislings and impose, through "constitutional means" a form of government that will continue to take care of their interests, the patriots have made life hell for all collaborators. The most bestial forms of torture such as that exposed in Abu Ghraib and the complete flattening of cities like Fallujah have not been able to snuff out or even diminish the resistance of the patriots. They continue to enjoy the support of all the freedom – loving peoples of the world in their struggle to rid their land of occupiers and for freedom to decide their own destiny.

While various governments overrode the will of their own peoples to join the "coalition of the willing", the pressure of the peoples has had its effect. Many governments, such as India’s, were unable to send troops to Iraq in the face of such opposition. Many others have had to pull back their troops – from Spain and Philippines to the Netherlands and Norway. Today, most governments that were once members of this vainglorious and arrogant coalition do not even dare to maintain a token presence in Iraq. Continued protests in Italy have made its Prime Minister announce, on March 15, 2005, a program for complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

The resistance of the Iraqi people and the peoples of the world has not only restricted the Anglo American aggressors in Iraq, it has also made them wary of venturing with ease elsewhere. The struggle against Iraq’s occupation needs to be taken to its logical conclusion – for the complete withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq, and full freedom to the Iraqi people to choose the form of government that they desire, without interference from any foreign power.

The occupation forces must be forced to quit Iraq! All the political prisoners locked up in the dungeons of the occupation forces must be forthwith released! The Anglo-American imperialists must be made to pay compensation for the devastation they have wrought on Iraq! The Iraqi people are fighting with all they have to liberate their country and determine their own destiny.

On the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Lok Raj Sangathan calls on all the freedom loving peoples to of India and the world to vigorously organise and participate in the mass actions in support of the Iraqi peoples just struggle.

Anglo – American imperialists – out of Iraq!
Full freedom to the Iraqi people to decide their destiny!

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