In pursuance to a decision taken earlier by the National Campaign Committee for Unorganised Sector Workers, rallies were taken out in various parts of the country and petitions were submitted to the Governors at the state headquarters and to the collectors at the district headquarters.

Accordingly, a rally of over 500 workers, half of whom were women, representing various sectors of activities, marched in procession from the Saidapet Bus stand upto the Saidapet Magistrates’courts where the rally was addressed by T S Sankaran and others explaining the purpose of the rally and the intention to present a petition to the Governor stating our demands. The demands essentially related to the need for an integrated law for all the unorganised sector workers who number over 370 millions, a law that will ensure regulation of employment, protection of wages, safety at the work place, social security and so on, all to be got implemented by tripartite boards at the state, district, tehsil and panchayat levels.

The need for adequate and prompt relief to the workers and their families who have suffered extensive damage to their houses and properties and have suffered loss of employment due to the natural disasters of Tsunami , rain and floods was also stressed in the petition.

A small group of ten representatives of different sectors of employment with T S Sankaran at its head called on the Governor and presented the petition and explained the demands. After hearing them, the Governor agreed to forward and recommend to the Government our demands.

The group returned to the waiting workers and explained to them all that transpired at our meeting with the Governor.

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