October 28, 2005

Dear friend,

As you may already know Lok Raj Sangathan has launched a campaign to Punish the guilty of crimes committed against humanity. The genocide of Sikhs in November 1984, the wanton killing and mayhem organised following the destruction of Babri Masjid in 1992-93 and in Gujarat in 2002 are among the most heinous of such crimes.

Preliminary work on the campaign has begun with the organising of a Panel discussion on the question of ‘Punishing the Guilty – the problems and prospects’. We have also taken the initiative to organise the screening of the film ‘amu’ by Shonali Bose. Set in the back drop of the genocide of Sikhs in ‘84, it evocatively points to the need to punish the guilty.

You would agree with us that the question of how to punish the guilty has emerged as one of the central issues facing the people’s movement for empowerment. Therefore we request you/ your organisation to participate in this campaign.

To facilitate experience sharing on this question Lok Raj Sangathan is organising a preparatory meeting on the 10 th of November 2005 at 5 pm at the Constitution Club Lawns, Rafi Marg. We hope that this meeting will help us in developing a unified plan of action to strengthen and spearhead the campaign to punish the guilty.

We request those organisations which are not in Delhi and therefore unable to attend the meeting, to take the initiative to convene such a meeting with likeminded organisations and chalk out the plan of action to punish the guilty. The LRS online will be very happy to publish any material you may generate. Please forward your reports and suggestions and plans to lokrajsangathan@yahoo.com.

Attached is the call of Lok Raj Sangathan on the question Punish the guilty. Our website contains a poster which can be downloaded and used. Website address is www.lokrajsagathan.org

Yours sincerely,

Prakash Rao
Lok Raj Sangathan.

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