Hong Kong WTO Ministerial, 2005

A demonstration was held in Kovilpatti on 8th December, 2005 against the W.T.O. ministerial conference.

The demonstration was organised by the Fishermen Federation of Tamil Nadu and Rural Welfare Organisation of TN and other voluntary organisations. The demonstrators shouted slogans against the W.T.O. agreement related to Indian Agriculture, peasants livelihood , security of the fishermen and environment of coastal area and weavers problem and foreign investment in retail trade.

In the demonstration, the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly member, S.Rajendran of C.P.I. (Kovilpatti Constituency) delivered a speech against the agreement in W.T.O. The Tamil Nadu Peasants Union representative and the state LRS Convenor, E.Saravanan participated in the demonstration. He spoke about the negative impact of the WTO agreement on the livelihood of peasants, fishermen and workers, and demanded that the Indian government should not sign any agreement behind the backs of the Indian people.

The demonstration was also addressed by the organizer of the Fishermen Federation Anton Thomas. Prof. Fathima Babu from Tuticorin also participated the campaign.

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