Public meeting on 13 August 2005


August 10, 2005
New Delhi

Dear Friends,

You are all aware of the shocking "ACTION TAKEN REPORT" submitted by the Central Government to Parliament, on the recommendations of the Nananavati Commission Report, the ninth commission that has been set up since the holocaust organised by the then ruling party and government against the Sikh community in Delhi and other parts of India.

The fact that such state organised massacres that claimed the lives of thousands of people and scarred the future of tens of thousands of families for ever, not only took place, but that 21 years since, the guilty have not been punished is an assault on the collective conscience of the entire Indian people. The Indian people will continue fighting for the guilty to be punished, and for the creation of mechanisms to ensure that state organised communal massacres can never take place again.

Lok Raj Sangathan is organising a Public Meeting to engage all the activists in the people’s movements to contribute to charting out a collective course of action to take the movement for justice forward.

Shri Kuldip Nayyar and Shri HS Phulka will be participating in the discussion amongst others.

We request your active participation in the meeting. Kindly call/email/personally inform others in the movement about this program on behalf of Lok Raj Sangathan.

With Sincere Regards

Yours truly,

Prakash Rao

PUBLIC MEETING: People’s Action to Punish the Guilty

DATE & TIME: Saturday 13 August, 9.30 AM
VENUE: Deputy Speakers Hall, Constitution Club, Rafi Marg

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