The brutal methods used by the police against the workers did not have the effect of breaking their spirit. On the contrary, the workers kept up their struggle, and were supported by broad masses of the people of Gurgaon, Delhi and other surrounding towns.

Protesting against the arrest of a lawyer had who aptly described the police action as being similar to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre carried out by the British colonialists, the lawyers of Gurgaon struck work. A one – day bandh in support of the demands of the workers and denouncing the police action was called in Gurgaon on the 28th of July 2005, and the vast majority of office and industrial workers stayed away from work that day.

On Saturday, 30th July, it was announced that the workers of HMSI had reached an agreement with their management, according to which

All the 50 – odd suspended workers along with 4 union leaders who had been dismissed would be reinstated
Workers would retain their Union, the formation of which had prompted the management to resort to strong – arm tactics
Workers would get their full salary for the months of May and June 2005
The Union assured that workers would resume normal production at the earliest
Injured workers, not able to resume work from August 1, 2005, would be given paid leave
The resolve o the HMSI workers and the support of the people of Gurgaon and neighbouring area has thus resulted in a situation where the government and the management were forced to recognize their right to form a union and also reinstate all the dismissed and suspended workers.

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