Appeal received from AIPRF, Tamil Nadu


SUPPORT the Cause of Prisoners on Indefinite Hunger Strike in Tamil Nadu Jails

We are mailing you an appeal addressed to Eleven POTA Prisoners of Tamil Nadu who are on Hunger Strike since 26/9/2004. Today is the 17th day of their indefinite fast and most of them, including three women, are in a precarious condition. Any one of them may suffer the loss of life or permanent damage to vital organs like kidneys if the government remains adamant and the prisoners continue with their struggle in this way. It is a matter of concern for all justice loving, democratic and humane people. They should come forward in defence of the prisoners’ cause. The prisoners are demanding the withdrawal of POTA cases against themselves and others and also the repeal of POTA as a law.

The case highlights:

  1. These prisoners are political prisoners and, are twenty seven in number.
  2. They are members of the Revolutionary Youth League (RYL).
  3. They were arrested in November 2002 from a place in Dharmapuri district of Tami Nadu while they were attending a political class.
  4. In January 2003 they were charged under POTA.
  5. Their trial has not yet started even when it is about two years when they were incarcerated.
  6. Their petition before the Review Committee on POTA is still pending as the Government of Tamil Nadu is not co-operating.
  7. Already, a representation has been made to the Home Minister of India but he has expressed his helplessness to intervene.
  8. Many prominent personalities have come in support of the cause of these prisoners.

Now, as the government of Tamil Nadu is intransigent the danger to the life of these prisoners has increased. Some intellectuals and human and democratic rights activists have decided to intervene into the matter to end this fast. Here, we are sending an appeal to you to express your concern by signing it.

So, please SIGN and SUPPORT

September 12, 2004, Sunday

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