IT was an impressive review of horrific crimes, kidnappings exposed at the International Meeting against Terrorism, for Truth and Justice that began this morning in Havana, in the presence of President Fidel Castro and other figures.

Alpidio Alonso, president of the Hermanos Saíz Association and coordinator of the Cuban Chapter of the Network of Networks in Defense of Humanity, bade welcome to more than 680 writers, artists and personalities in distinct spheres from 67 countries, alongside other intellectuals attending the event at the International Conference Center, "in order to share with us this decisive moment for humanity in the battle against imperialism and in the exposé of the hypocritical discourse in relation to confronting terrorism maintained by the current US administration."

He said that the conference demonstrates the growing awareness in the world on the need for us to unite in a single fighting front that puts forward arguments of truth and justice as opposed to those of brute force and imperial manipulation, at a moment of extreme danger for humanity where the very survival of the species is at stake.

Equally emotive were the the words of Carlos Alberto Cremata, president of the Families of the Victims of Barbados, who referred to aspects of the horrendous crime perpetrated against the Cubana passenger plane, a sabotage organized by terrorists Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch whom, he demanded must stand trial so that they can be judged and pay for
their crimes.

"Our pain is no different from that of the children of Orlando Letelier, the sufferings of my family are no different to those of the family of Ronnie Moffit, the anguish of my mother is the same as the anguish of the mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the pain of the families of the Barbados plane victims is identical to that felt by the families of all those who perished on September 11, 2001 in the United States," he exclaimed, and added:

"Bosch and Posada Carriles are not the only ones responsible for the blowing up of the plane on which our loved ones were traveling, but the names of those killers are implicated in the murder of General Pratts and his wife and who knows how many Salvadorans, Argentines, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans. But, soon it will be known, in the same way that information is emerging on the participation of them and others like them in the assassination of President Kennedy and the links of the Bush family with Bin Laden," he assured.

Ivan Terrero and Joaquin Oramos


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