16th July, 2002

Dear Friends,

The Lok Raj Sangathan is organizing a Conference in Mumbai on the theme, "People’s Alternative to Liberalization-Privatization-Globalization, Communal and Fascist Violence and War."

We wish to invite all the activists involved in people’s movements, trade unionists, lawyers and jurists, intellectuals, thinkers, teachers and students, youth and all concerned citizens, to present their papers or express their views.

In the face of the all-sided grim situation in which We, the Indian People find ourselves – unemployed or losing jobs, rising prices, insecurity of life and limb – it has become imperative to come together and have a free and frank exchange of views.

This Conference is a part of a series of Conferences being organized by the Lok Raj Sangathan on the same theme all over the country at this time – in Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur and other places. We of the Lok Raj Sangathan have taken this initiative in response to the needs expressed by so many activists amongst us in different streams of the movement. We are all seeking a convergence point.

Please send your papers by 10th August, 2002 to the email ID given below, or confirm your participation by phone. Please feel free to pass on this invitation to those who you think would be interested in participating in such a dialogue.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Prakash Rao,
Convener, Lok Raj Sangathan.


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