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SC verdict on Right to Privacy: Will the “legitimate aims” of the State come in the way of fulfilment of this right?

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JudgementA nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court has recently passed a judgement that Indians enjoy a “fundamental right to privacy”. This right is intrinsic to the “right to life and liberty”. The judgement was in response to a petition filed by former Karnataka high court judge Justice K.S. Puttaswamy and others.

Hundreds attend Jan Sunwai in Worli, Mumbai

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Image removed.On January 2nd 2013, over 200 women attended a Jan Sunwai in Worli, BDD Chawls, Mumbai. The Jan Sunwai was organized by the Worli Committee of Lok Raj Sangathan in the presence of Shri Soheb Lokhandwala, Mumbai based Observer appointed by the Supreme Court Commissioner of Food Security, New Delhi. Also on the dais were Shri Visawker, President Mumbai Ration Siddawatak Karmachari Sangathna (the Union representing State Govt. employees working in the Ration Distribution Sanghathan), Shreemati Malan Sonawane of Jagrut Ghar Kamgar Sangathan and Shi Manoj Singh of SUCI. The local ration officers had been invited to attend the Jan Sunwai, but they refused to attend.

Press Release about 47th Standing Committee Report on Judicial Standards & Accountability Bill 2010

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The 47th report of the Standing Committee, on Judicial Standards & Accountability Bill 2010 has completely exposed the duplicity of the UPA Government. Absence of any provision that covers investigation of criminal acts relating to corruption against the members of higher judiciary either in the bill or Standing Committee report shows that the Government had misled the people by telling that judiciary should be kept out of the purview of Janlokpal as Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill will cover it.

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