Odisha Government Conspiring to hand over land acquired for POSCO to JSW Steel

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As a result of the continuous and peaceful resistance of people of Odisha and overwhelming support from people across the country, POSCO was forced to withdraw its project from the state. However, the repression against people is still continuing. On December 19th, 2017, police arrested two villagers under various charges, and put them behind bars. A case has also been registered against one of the leading agitators Babula Samalviz.

POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) Press Release

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September 24, 2012: The PPSS condemns in strongest terms the evil design of POSCO and the state government to mislead public opinion by suddenly declaring the so called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  package of Rs 2000 million for peripheral development as if the resistance of our people is based on narrow economic interest or opportunism and as if we all have been waiting just to hear a CSR package. Where does the question of peripheral development arise when the project itself is facing serious resistance and thus has become uncertain? They are not yet able to explain to us where they spent Rs 3000 million, the claim they have been making in every possible forum. This is how an unholy empire of criminals, crooks and wrong doers is building with the full complicity of the administration.  


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The situation in Odisha get worse everyday and as we sit in front of our television sets each night one cannot help but wonder why the media does not present the news the way it should be. Recently the police attacked and lathi charged peaceful protesters in the village of Nuagaon, Jagatsinghpur District of Odisha. 

Should people's rights be sacrificed for a Company's profit?

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For a people who have faced numerous problems for decades now, the struggle does not end yet. From floods to death, to being taken advantage of, the latest to the list of pains for the people of Orissa will be the POSCO steel plant if it is established. It is estimated that around 50, 000 people will be evicted because of the project and a very small percentage will benefit at all.

Press Release from Bhubaneswar on Arrest of GP

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27 January 2009

We condemn the way Sri Gananath Patra, advisor to Chasi Mulia Sangh, Narayanpatna has been picked up by the police on 27th January 2010   around 7pm from Bhubaneswar .  He was invited to a meeting with some of the members of a national level joint fact finding committee preparing to visit Narayanpatna. After the meeting, while he was on his way, he was picked up by the plain clothes policemen from Vivekananda Marg.

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