नोटबंदी का कुप्रभाव और भूमि अधिग्रहण पर सिरसा में विचार गोष्ठी

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लोक राज संगठन की हरियाणा परिषद ने 12 फरवरी, 2017 को नोटबंदी के कुप्रभाव और भूमि अधिग्रहण पर विचारगोष्ठी का आयोजन किया। विचार गोष्ठी में शिक्षक, विद्धार्थी, मजदूर, किसान, व्यापारी, महिला ने हिस्सा लिया।

Condemn the Anti-people Violence in Haryana

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 An extremely tense situation prevails all over Haryana. In the name of maintaining “law and order”, many atrocities against people are being carried out with impunity. As of February 20, 2016 at least 10 people have been reportedly killed and hundreds seriously injured in firing. The central government has deployed the army in seven districts of Haryana.

Meeting against Communal Violence organised in Gohana, Haryana

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Image removed.The continuously growing communal violence poses a big challenge to the revolutionary movement of workers and peasants. Why are communalism and the incidents of communal violence growing? What is their source? How can they be stopped? It is absolutely necessary today to take up these questions for discussion to respond to the call of the times to correctly lead the worker-peasant movement to deal with communalism.

Thousands participate enthusiastically to mark the 109th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh in Kurukshetra, Haryana

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Image removed.Thousands of workers, peasants, women and youth participated enthusiastically in a mass rally on September 28, 2015, to mark the 109th birth anniversary of Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh in Kurukshetra, Haryana. The participants came from the different districts of Haryana. Marching in organised detachments, they raised full throated slogans hailing the life and work of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh and expressing their determination to carry out the revolutionary transformation from capitalism to socialism. The entire rally site was filled with inspiring quotations from Shaheed Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries.

Condemn Haryana Government’s Attack on Right to Contest Elections!

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On September 17, the Supreme Court issued a stay on the Haryana government’s decision to impose educational and other criteria on candidates contesting the panchayat elections. The court’s decision was in response to a petition filed by three persons who wished to contest the panchayat elections, but would have been unable to do so under the new criteria.

10th Anniversary of Brutal Attack on Honda Workers

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Image removed.Parties in power have changed – the struggle of workers continues
July 25 marked the 10th anniversary of the brutal attack on the Hero Honda workers in Gurgaon. The incident rattled even the die-hard supporters of the programmes of liberalisation, not so much that they cared for the well being and rights of the workers, but for the fear that this may become the harbinger for revival of the labour movement. Worse, it was captured live on television cameras, bringing back the memories of Jalianwala Bagh, by its sheer brutality and the manner in which it was executed. The modus operandi was similar – launching a savage attack on unarmed, peacefully gathered people after trapping them in a fixed area and closing all escape routes.

Farmers of Haryana up in arms

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Image removed.Villagers of Isali (Marwad junction) led by their sarpanch organised a demonstration on 4 August 2015 to demand compensation for crop damage in Isali during the hailstorm in April this year. They submitted a memorandum in which they pointed out that because of government officials not carrying out the inspections, many people have been deprived of compensation. On the same day, in Sangrur district, hundreds of farmers came out to demonstrate in front of the office of the District Collector under the leadership of Bhartiya Kisan Union. They blocked the streets and caused the traffic to come to a standstill. On 2nd August 2015, farmers held a meeting in Sonipat under the chairmanship of Shri Rohtas Beniwal and declared that Aug 15 would be observed a day of protest by the BKU at the Deenbandhu Choturam Memorial in Garhi Saampla.

Guest Teachers Agitation

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Image removed.Guest teachers of Haryana have been on a dharna for the part many days at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, protesting against dismissal of 3581 guest teachers. Teachers from various zones join the demonstration and sit on dharna taking their turn. So far teachers from Gurgaon, Hisar, Ambala, Rohtak, Kaithal, and other zones have participated in the relay hunger strike.

माधोसिंघाना गांव में शहीदी दिवस!

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Image removed.

30 मार्च, 2014 को हरियाणा के जिला सिरसा में स्थित गांव माधोसिंघाना में शहीदी दिवस मनाया गया। इस अवसर पर लोक राज संगठन ने सभा का आयोजन किया। सभा में गांववासियों के अलावा, दिल्ली, पंजाब, हरियाणा, राजस्थान, हिमाचल से आये संगठन के कार्यकर्ताओं ने हिस्सा लिया।

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