SC verdict on Right to Privacy: Will the “legitimate aims” of the State come in the way of fulfilment of this right?

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JudgementA nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court has recently passed a judgement that Indians enjoy a “fundamental right to privacy”. This right is intrinsic to the “right to life and liberty”. The judgement was in response to a petition filed by former Karnataka high court judge Justice K.S. Puttaswamy and others.

The need for deep going reforms in the electoral process in India

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Image removed.In a recent article published in the Economic Times, a leader of a political party has opined that negative voting by opting to reject all candidates is akin to boycotting of elections and instead one needs to consider electoral reforms such as state funding of elections and proportional representation in place of "first past the post" system.

The scam, which is the mother of the 2g scam- A sequel

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A tax exemption of Rs.45 crore has been granted to the International Cricket Council (ICC). Of course, the argument of the Sports Minister at the Cabinet Meeting (chaired by the P.M.) that the ICC was making crores of rupees in conducting the world cup, and did not lack any sponsorship, the revenue from taxing of events such as the World Cup could have been used to promote other games in the country and so on, did not cut much ice at the meeting.

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