Land Acquisition

People of Ratnagiri rise up against the proposed Mega-Refinery!

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Ratnagiri is a picturesque district on Thumbnailthe West coast of Maharashtra famous for its greenery and rich crop of the world famous Hapus (Alphonso) mango and cashew nuts. In 1997, the Maharashtra government had declared the Konkan region which includes Ratnagiri district as ecologically sensitive.

The People vs. `Development' in Singur

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All eyes are on the rapidly unfolding situation in West Bengal, as the hunger strike of Ms. Mamata Banerjee continues against the forcible land acquisition of farm land for a Tata car unit. The land is to be acquired for the building of a plant for the small car mass production. The land is being acquired by the CPI(M)-led Left Front Government under the notorious Bengal Land Acquisition Act of 1894, a

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