The struggle of the Rajasthan doctors is entirely just! Condemn the government’s witch-hunt of the doctors in Rajasthan!

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ThumbnailThe Rajasthan government has launched a witch-hunt to arrest and intimidate the leaders of the doctors’ ongoing struggle in that state. On December 15-16 the police cracked down on doctors working in government run hospitals and health care centers in almost all towns and villages across the state. At least 60 doctors were reported to have been picked up from their residences and workplaces and arrested. Many other doctors have been forced to go into hiding to evade arrest.

Statement of Lok Raj Sangathan on Rajasthan Elections, 6 November, 2013

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To solve the problems of Rajasthan, political power must vest in the hands of the people! Statement of Lok Raj Sangathan, 6 November, 2013.

The people of Rajasthan will go to the polls on December 1, 2013. Rajasthan, with a population of 70 million, is the biggest state of our country in area. The people of Rajasthan have been forced to choose between Congress and BJP rule for over thirty years.

Jaipur Blasts and the aftermath

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In a shocking series of blasts in Jaipur almost a hundred people have lost their lives and many more have been injured.

Terrorism and the war against it have once again become hot topics in the media and political circles. As usual, the police immediately leaked to the press the names of suspected outfits behind the blasts and called them Pakistan and Bangladesh based. However, evidence and events since then have been contradictory to such claims. In the meantime, the Central and state governments have arbitrarily incarcerated poor Bengali Muslims in detention camps.

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