Condemn the dastardly killing of Gauri Lankesh

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ThumbnailLok Raj Correspondent, Sep 6, 2017

Gauri Lankesh, was shot dead outside her home in Bengaluru yesterday night. She was a senior journalist, activist and had raised voices against the ruling establishment. Ms Lankesh's killing has triggered widespread anger amongst journalists, activists and rights organisations. Many protest meetings have been organized today across the country. Lok Raj Sangathan urges people to unite against all attempts to silence progressive people working for pro-people changes in society. It is only by getting organised and raising our voice that we can ensure that killers and the forces behind them are identified and held accountable for their crimes!

Brutal Murder of Rationalist Narendra Dabholkar - The system thrives on ignorance, superstition and lies

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Dr. Narendra Dabholkar a well-known anti-superstition activist and the founder of Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti was shot dead in Pune on August 20th early in the morning while he was on his morning walk. The shocking murder of Dr. Dabholkar stunned the people. People came on the streets in many parts of Maharashtra, to protest the brutal killing of a social activist who has been sincerely and tirelessly against superstitious practices. Despite constant threats to his life and vilification of his work, Dr. Dablholkar had continued his efforts with unparalleled passion and steadfast conviction to the cause of superstition-free society, for the past three decades.

Naroda Patiya Judgment – One step forward, many more to go!

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Exactly a decade after an estimated 97 people were killed in a massacre at Naroda Patiya area of Ahmedabad, during the 2002 Gujarat genocide, a special court has sentenced 31 people to life imprisonment. The highlight of the sentence is that the guilty include sitting BJP Member of Legislative Assembly and former Minister in the Narendra Modi government, Maya Kodnani. It should be recalled that she was appointed minister for Women and Child Welfare just two months after supervising the rape and murder of nearly a hundred women, children and men!

Condemn the Murder of Col. Qadaffi and Imperialism in Libya

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All peace loving people across the world must condemn in no uncertain terms the brutal murder of Col. Muammar Qadaffi towards the end of October 2011. After initial claims that he was killed in cross-fire and from wounds sustained in a firefight, there are now indications that he was summarily executed in cold blood by so-called `rebel fighters'. The reactionary international media is celebrating what they call the end of civil war in Libya and there are moves afoot to recognize the so-called National Transitional Council as the legitimate government of Libya. Before the murder, the US imperialist bloodhound Ms. Hillary Clinton had visited Tripoli and had called openly for the assassination of Qadaffi.

Kandhamal Fact Finding Report by Democratic Rights Groups from AP, TN, Karnataka and Orissa

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Press Release 

A fact finding committee of 16 human rights activists from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Orissa toured the violence affected parts of Kandhamal district during the last 2 days to ascertain the factual details and the background concerning the wide spread events of arson, looting and murder aimed at the Christian people.

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