नागरिकों, अपनी सुरक्षा, स्वास्थ्य एवं खुशहाली को सुनिश्चित करने के लिए एकजूट हो ! लोक राज संघटन की कल्याण समित का आवाहन, 12 जून 2016

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क्या आपको मालूम है कि आपके पड़ोसी इलाके में कितनी बड़ी दुर्घटना हुई जब 26 मई 2016 को सुबह करीब 11.45 बजे डोम्बीवली एम आय डी सी स्थित प्रोबेस एंटरप्रायजेस की फैक्ट्री में एक बहुत  बड़ा विस्फोट हुआ? वह इतना जबरदस्त था कि दो मजदूरों के शव बगल के अहाते में फेंके गए. अधिकृत कहानी के मुताबिक उस विस्फोट में 12 लोग मर गए तथा 100 से ज्यादा घायल हुए. मगर नागरिकों के मुताबिक असलियत इस से बेहद ज्यादा बुरी है. उनका कहना है कि बगल के स्कूल में स्कूल मेंटेनन्स का काम करनेवाले 20 मजदूर भी मारे गए हैं. बगल से ही 42 वर्ष उम्र का एक ऑटो रिक्शा ड्राईवर जा रहा था वह धमाका सुनकर दिल के दौरे से मर गया.

Citizens, Unite to Ensure Our Safety, Health and Well-being! An appeal by the Kalyan Samiti of Lok Raj Sangathan, Jun 12, 2016

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Are you aware of the magnitude of the disaster that struck our neighbouring suburb, when a massive explosion occurred on May 26, 2016 around 11.45 a.m. in a factory owned by Probace Enterprises in the Dombivli MIDC? It was so severe that dead bodies of 2 workers were thrown into a nearby compound. While officially only 12 people on the site and vicinity are admitted to have died and a hundred injured, people there believe that the actual number is many times larger. They say about 20 workers, carrying out maintenance in the nearby school, also died.

हनुमानगढ़ के किसानों का पानी के लिये आंदोलन लागातर जारी है

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राजस्थान के हनुमानगढ़ जिले के लाखों किसान अपने खेतों के लिये सिंचाई के लिये पर्याप्त पानी की मांग को लेकर संघर्षरत हैं। यह संघर्ष किसान, मजदूर व्यापार संघर्ष समिति की अगुवाई में लगातार जारी है। इस संघर्ष के समर्थन में लोक राज संगठन की नोहर समिति के सदस्य और लोक राज संगठन के सर्व हिन्द परिषद के उपाध्यक्ष हनुमान प्रसाद शर्मा पूरी सक्रियता के साथ अगुवाई दे रहे हैं।

रिपोर्ट लिखे जाने तक 5 जून, 2016 को रतनपुरा महापंचायत हो चुकी थी और 8 जनू, 2016 को होने वाली महापंचायत की तैयारी में सभी नेता जुटे हुये थे।

The Egypt Air Tragedy -- More Questions than Answers

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The most heartfelt condolences need to be extended to the families and well-wishers and friends of the Egypt Air Tragedy of May 19, 2016 in which a total of 66 persons lost their lives, including 10 crew members, when the flight crashed into the Mediterranean Sea en route to Cairo from Paris.  Even before the discovery of wreckage or long before any enquiry into the crash, the media has gone to town speculating on the possible cause, attributing the crash to terrorism, while there are other reports which speak of downing of the air-craft.

LRS holds Successful Delhi Regional Convention! - "Let us Build the unity of people against the anti-people attacks”

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The actual fact is that the big business houses who have imperialist aims for India and who want to become world-class monopolies, have put up a party at the centre at this time, which blatantly talks about Hindutva and provokes sections of people so that a rift is driven between sections of the people. By calling everyone who opposes the policies of the government as “anti-national” and using repressive laws such as AFSPA, UAPA and Sedition Act, they want to put the fear into people that if they don’t fall in line, they will be put in jail or even hanged. In order to confuse the people, the ruling establishment present before them a “communal” alternative and a “secular” alternative. There is only superficial difference between them. Once any of these alternatives come to power, they use the same repressive machinery, laws and legal system to put down struggles of people and ensure that power stays in their hands”.

Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections: Candidate

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The district committee of Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Sangam (Tamilnadu Peasants Union) was convened under the leadership of Chillangulam K Ramasubbu at Pasuvandanai in Tuticorin district. The Committee discussed issues before the TN peasants and unorganised workers such as protection of livelihoods, elimination of corruption, end to casteism, prohibition and others.

Save Ealing Hospital Community Action Group calls for Public Meeting

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Save Ealing Hospital Community Action Group is non-party based. It endeavours to unite the community around the common program to save Ealing Hospital, Other public hospitals and keeping NHS Public. All community activists and representatives of supporting organisations are welcome to express opinions to advance these aims. All political representatives must continously fight for the community agenda, be accountable to the community and subject to recall if failing to uphold the agenda serving the community!

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