19 CTS Employees Filed 2K Petition – Chennai Labour office

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Press Release

As in the news lately, layoff has become yet another daily topic to discuss, especially among IT employees. Cognizant and few other IT organizations were in the spotlight for illegally terminating their employees quoting poor rating in their annual performance appraisal, which is per company’s policies and benefits, not entirely based on employees’ talents or hard work. The employees who were affected, filed petitions against the technology firm for forcing them to resign or terminating them abruptly, all over India with help and support from FITE.

Who wants to die like dogs and live with cancer

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Forty-one-year-old Initha Antony Michael looks triumphant. She has returned home to Casa Nagar in Idinthakarai, Tamil Nadu after 12 long days of protesting against the upcoming Koodankulam nuclear plant, 400 metres from her residence. The protests and the indefinite fast held at Lourde Matha Church grounds were called off after Chief Minister J Jayalalitha passed a Cabinet resolution requesting the Centre to stall all ongoing work at Koodankulam unless fears of locals about its safety were allayed.

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