People of Ratnagiri rise up against the proposed Mega-Refinery!

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Ratnagiri is a picturesque district on Thumbnailthe West coast of Maharashtra famous for its greenery and rich crop of the world famous Hapus (Alphonso) mango and cashew nuts. In 1997, the Maharashtra government had declared the Konkan region which includes Ratnagiri district as ecologically sensitive.

Oppose the Jaitapur project that is meant to enrich a few ultra rich at the cost of generations of working people!

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Image removed.The majority of people from the Rajapur taluka of Ratnagiri district (Maharashtra), along with a very large number of engineers, scientists, environmentalists and thousands of democratic people are vehemently opposing the proposed Jaitapur Nuclear Energy project and demanding that it be cancelled, as it is very dangerous from the point of environment as well as threatening the livelihood of the people staying in its vicinity. Lok Raj Sangathan fully supports their just fight.

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