POSCO Withdraws, But Repression Must Stop, Land Must Be Returned

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As you may know from the media about recent the statement by Odisha’s Industry Minister, Devi Prasad Mishra that “POSCO confirmed the withdrawal of its project by requesting the Odisha government to take back the land transferred in its name”. We strongly believe this is not just a victory for our people but also the victory for the all the peasants, fisher folks, forest dwellers who are democratically fighting to protect their land, livelihood and environment. This is a victory against false propaganda, intimidation, false cases and threats of forcible eviction.

Press Release from Bhubaneswar on Arrest of GP

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27 January 2009

We condemn the way Sri Gananath Patra, advisor to Chasi Mulia Sangh, Narayanpatna has been picked up by the police on 27th January 2010   around 7pm from Bhubaneswar .  He was invited to a meeting with some of the members of a national level joint fact finding committee preparing to visit Narayanpatna. After the meeting, while he was on his way, he was picked up by the plain clothes policemen from Vivekananda Marg.

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