Protests actions continue to demand safety of women and people

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Parents and youth are continuing their protest to demand security for women. In the aftermath of the brutal police laathicharge on peaceful demonstrators following provocative actions by miscreants connected with established political parties, the scene of protests have shifted to Jantar Mantar and residential colonies and local markets throughout Delhi. Thousands of citizens had gathered at the Jantar Mantar on 25th December and vociferously protested the police clamp-down and reiterated their demand for right to security for women and people at large.


The prominent slogans that were raised at this demonstration included, “Down with the brutal attack of police on peaceful protestors!”, “Stop the security of the ministers and ensure security of women!”, “Punish the guilty!”, “Hang the rapists!”, “Stop the criminalisation of politics!”, “Criminal parties will not ensure safety of women!”, “Delhi police – haye-haye!”, “Sheila Dixit – we want an answer!”, “Form mohalla defense committees to ensure security for the people!”, “Long live the unity of the people!”. The youth were full of determination to continue their protests in different parts of the city until their demands were met.

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A group of young and old shouting slogans at Jantar Mantar

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A young women speaks to the press

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People speak out about at the state of affairs in the country

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